Medical Records

It is important that you keep a copy of all your medical records. This includes all your doctor’s reports, lab reports, scans, biopsy reports, everything.

Why keep a copy of your medical records? As you research different treatment options, you may find that you need to consult with other doctors. You will also find that things happen so fast that you begin to lose tract of what happened when! If you have all this information in one portable place, you can easily and quickly have the appropriate information available when needed.

You can obtain these reports by requesting them when you visit the doctor or lab. Simply ask the receptionist. You will normally be required to fill out a form and frequently you can take a copy of your records with you when you leave. There is seldom a charge for these copies.

It is also a good idea to sign a form allowing your spouse or other caregiver to obtain copies of your records and to receive reports from lab work and tests. This can simplify the process of obtaining information.

I found that a good way to keep these reports was to get a 3-ring binder and a set of tabs to provide sections for different types of information.

Recommended Binder Sections: Diary, Dr. Reports, Blood Work (PSA), Test/Scan Results, Treatment Research, Letters/Notes

A few weeks and a ton of information later, you will be glad that you organized early and kept good records.

The title I put on my 3-ring binder is: The Gift of Prostate Cancer

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