P-AWARE is about promoting AWARENESS and TREATMENT of Prostate Cancer and supporting research for PREVENTION and a CURE.

My History and the Reason for P-AWARE

Being diagnosed in February 2005 with prostate cancer was a complete surprise. I had virtually no knowledge of prostate cancer and had never considered that I might someday have to choose a treatment option. I did know that my doctor’s recommendation of a radical prostatectomy had the potential for significant side effects including impotency and incontinence, but I didn’t know of any other options. After some initial research, I realized that there was significant information available but it was not in a format that could be easily reviewed and digested. PSA, Gleason Score, RRP, IMRT, Proton, Seeds, Bracytherapy, …, were all terms that I realized had significant meaning for me but of which I had little or no familiarity or understanding. I also realized that I might have to disregard my doctor’s advice which might require that I change doctors. The significance of taking personal responsibility for choosing my treatment began to sink home.

I continued my research and after thousands of pages of information and dozens of interviews of prostate cancer survivors, I choose Proton Beam Radiation. During the nine weeks that I underwent proton treatment for my cancer, I thought about the 200,000+ men who would be diagnosed this year with prostate cancer. It would be great for them to have the ability to go to one source to access the information needed to make an informed decision about their treatment. It would also be great if men could become more aware of prostate cancer and the benefits of early detection. The concept of paware.org began to form.

Having now completed treatment, paware.org was founded to create awareness of prostate cancer, simplify the process of researching options, and support the funding of prostate cancer research and prevention.

A complete diary of my treatment and follow-up reports is available on my blog .

This site would not be possible without the knowledge, hard work, and support of my family, especially my son Thomas III who is the designer of the site.

I welcome your comments about the use and improvement of the web site.

Tom Hill

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