Gene-guided Prostate Cancer Treatment?

WASHINGTON – Prostate cancer has been left behind in the race for personalized medicine, but that may be changing:  Doctors are starting to attempt gene-guided treatment for men with advanced disease.It is an approach already offered in treating breast cancer and certain other cancers. The new prostate work is a small initial step at catching up, it targets the men in most dire need – those whose prostate cancer has spread to other parts of the body, and hormone treatments to slow its progression has quit working.These are the men who ultimately wind up dying of prostate cancer, some 28,000 a year in the United States. Phillip Febbo of Duke University is trying to better direct therapy by looking directly at a tumor’s genetic signature. The research is very preliminary, but if a gene-guided method ultimately should work, it could ease what is called the shotgun approach to advanced prostate cancer. Starting next month (April 2009), Duke will recruit men for a study that will help determine their treatment.    By Lauran Neergaard Associated Press    Go to:  Hunting tailored care for advanced prostate cancer

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