Just a “bump” in my PSA?

After 15 days of antibiotics, I saw my urologist again on June 27th. My PSA was .66! That was an encouragement! I have another appointment on Oct 2nd. We will do another PSA then.

I have a friend in CA that had a prostatectomy about 5 years ago. His PSA started increasing last year. His doctor at UCLA recommended he start drinking 8 ozs of Pomegranate juice every day. I also read a study that recently came out that seemed to indicate that Pomegranate juice has a very positive effect on the prostate.

I started dringing 8 ozs daily last week. I purchased a juice concentrate that mixes 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water. It has a great taste! I either mix with water or add 40 ml of concentrate to a fruit/kefir smoothie. Is is great tasting and hopefully will help lower my PSA or keep it from increasing.

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