Two Years Post Treatment

I went for my annual physical May 31, 2007. Of course I recieved a prostate check and also bloodwork to determine my PSA. My last PSA was 0.54 and with the downward trend I have had the past two years, I expected it to be even lower. Well, to my surprise, we found out on Thursday it had more than doubled to 1.12 since January 29th! Kay made me an appointment with the urologist for Monday and we spent the weekend just releasing this whole cancer thing to God again.

It is amazing how you can go through all this and release it all to God and then little by little take it back! I am grateful for the opportunity to reevaluate everything and put it all back in the hands of God!

Well, today we met with my urologist for the first time in over two years. He looked at my records and said, “You received proton treatment, good. Looks like we are going to have a proton center here soon.” After some further discussion and evaluation, he prescribed an antibiotic for two weeks. I return on the 27th for bloodwork and to see what the next step is. It could be an infection or any of “a hundred and one things” as the doctor said.

I am encouraged after a long weekend of deep thought and I am grateful for a God that I can put my full trust in!

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