Nineteen Months Post Treatment

I had a blood test Monday, January 29th. It has been nineteen months since I completed my Proton external radiation therapy. I received the results on Friday, February 2nd, 2007. My PSA is continuing to go down. It was .54!

I plan to have another PSA on July 1st, 2007 which will be two years from my last Proton radiation treatment.

This is a demonstration of the findings in past research that the median time to reach the nadir PSA after treatment is 27-36 months.

As long as my PSA continues to decline or remain level, my Prostate cancer is under control and not recurring. My desire is that my nadir PSA would at least be below .5 and it would be better if it were below .2. PSA is generally higher after treatment by radiation therapy (because you still have a prostate) than after a radical prostatectomy (where the prostate is removed).

I am attaching a chart of my PSA numbers since treatment.

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