Chipmunk Hill

Kay and I left California at 9:00 AM Friday. We drove 513 miles to Fairfield, UT where we spent the night. Saturday we drove 400 miles through majestic mountains, cliffs, and valleys. It was just one breathtaking sight after another. Certainly God is visible to anyone that chooses to see him!

We arrived in Breckenridge, CO about 3:15 PM Saturday. Troop and Karen and the children arrived about 4:30 PM. It was fun to see them and receive hugs from them all!

We woke up this morning to temperatures in the 50s, the sound of a mountain stream rushing down the mountainside outside our window, and the sound of 12 little feet running up and down the stairs! Could there be anything sweeter?

I fixed whole wheat butermilk pancakes with blueberries for all. Well, not all, we have two in the bunch that don’t like blueberries! Can you imagine? Well I know that Austin can!

After a hike up the mountain, the kids wanted to know if it was time for lunch. It was 9:30! :-)

When we arrived yesterday, the lady in the office told us about a place close by that the locals have renamed Chipmunk Hill. There are hundreds of chipmunks and they will actually come up and eat sunflower seeds out of your hand. It was fun to see them take a sunflower seed, remove the hull, and stuff the kernel in their cheeks. They would do this over and over again until their little cheeks were buldging and then off they would scamper to store the kernels in their burrows. The kids (and the parents) loved it! The only way we could get the children to leave happy was to promise a return visit! We will do that.

All is quiet now as the younger children nap and the older children are out with Troop taking another walk. It probaly won’t stay quiet long. We are expecting the rest of the Bullard clan this afternon. About 70 in all. Then the hills will truly be alive with the sound of children’s laughter!

Thank you for your continued prayers as God continues to heal me.

God is good.

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