The LAST weekend and Day 40

This was a weekend to relax. After two treatments Friday, I think I was extra tired and I had much more difficulty sleeping Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. But, that’s OK; the doctor said Thursday that this would rectify itself in three to four weeks after the treatment is complete. So, I will look forward to the end of July and maybe some good rest at night! I can stand on my head if I need to until the end of July!

Saturday was a day to relax and catch up on some emails and computer work.

Sunday we went to Fred’s and Martha’s, attended church with them, and then returned to their home for lunch. They have been so nice to us while we have been here! We would have been lost without them! They have nurtured us, watched out for us, fed us, put up with us, and allowed us to “drop in” over and over and over again! We owe a debt of gratitude and a great big “Thank You” to the Greenes!

Monday morning, when I went in, the X-ray machine in Gantry 3 was down again! I quickly decided that I would wait until it was fixed and then get my treatment. I didn’t want to take a chance on missing another treatment and trying to get another make up treatment before Friday. :-) Kay and I worked on the hardest puzzle I have ever worked for about an hour in the waiting room. Then the X-ray was fixed and I received my treatment! PTL

After my treatment we had breakfast at the apartment and worked while we waited on Peter Hsu, a Character First! trainer from China, to arrive. We had a GREAT visit as he explained how things were going in China and his vision for Character First! in the future. Peter now works with 15 companies in Shanghai, China and #16 will be starting soon! It was exciting to hear first hand reports of how God is working in the lives of so many people there.

Peter Hsu in California with Tom and Kay

While Peter was here we had a visit from both the USPS and UPS! Both were special deliveries and we could hardly wait to have the opportunity to open them.

The first was from Tom and Betty McCormick. It was a photo album of their trip here to visit us. What a nice surprise and what a fun way to remember all the good times and the fun we had together. Thank you Tom and Betty! That was VERY thoughtful of you!

The second express delivery was from Doug Jones. It was a DVD video greeting from many, many folks at Kimray, our grandchildren, and the Character First Training Center! Shad and Janae Glass created it. What a great surprise! Kay and I watched with joy in our hearts and tears in our eyes as we received greeting after greeting from so many wonderful friends. I can’t even imagine all the planning, the time, and the effort that went into the creation of this DVD video greeting. It is a special gift that I will keep as a reminder of the wonderful team I work with and as an example of the support and love they show to me everyday. A very special “Thank You” to Shad and Janae from Kay and Tom.

I am truly a blessed man!

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