Day 37

This should be day 38! I went in for a treatment yesterday morning and the x-ray machine in Gantry 3 was down. That meant that they could not check the allignment of the patient so they couldn’t do proton treatments. Since Thomas, Austin, and Jackson were here, we had reservations at 10:00 AM on the Catalina Flyer. So…..rather than wait, I rescheduled for an 8:30 PM treatment and we left for Santa Cantalina Island. At 5:00 PM they called me on my cell phone and told me that they were behind 4 hours and could not give me the treatment as scheduled. They shut down at 10 PM. My treatment for Wednesday was cancelled! That meant that one day before next Friday I would have to get two treatments on the same day or stay over until Monday, July 4th, and they are closed then! That means I would not finish until Tuesday, July 5th! Bummer!!!

I went in this morning at the regular time for my treatment and afterwards I asked for a time to “make up” the lost treatment. I was told that I would have to see my doctor to get two treatments in one day. No problem, Thursday is doctor visit day. Kay and I saw Dr. Luu at 3:30 PM and he OK’ed a makeup treatment. Whew! This means that one day before next Friday I can get two treatments on the same day.

Next, back to Gantry 3 to talk to the technicians who run the gantry and schedule the treatments. The best time would be tomorrow since I would have two full days to recover from two treatments in one day. They were very accommodating, as usual! I now have two treatments scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, June 24th. It would be great if the gantry didn’t have problems tomorrow and I could get my regular 6:45 AM treatment and also get an 8:30 PM treatment. So that is my prayer request!

Now as for the events of this week.

Sunday; We were all together at the farm for Father’s Day!

Monday; Austin and Jackson at the Denver Airport.

Tuesday; on the nature trail at the top of San Jacinto Mountain.

Wednesday; Tom, Austin, Jackson, and Kay on Santa Catalina Island. What fun we had!

This one is for you David!

Thursday; Jackson, Thomas, and Austin after climbing the foothills!

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