Day 29

Three weeks left! If I were in Marine Boot Camp at San Diego (as I was in 1961), we would be allowed to “blouse” our dungaree trouser legs at the top of our boots! That is the ultimate sign that you are in the last few weeks of boot camp! Everyone then knows that you are a short timer and barring an accident, you will be graduating soon!

Notice the “bloused” trouser legs at the top of the boots.

The indication you are a “short timer” here is a little different. Before your first treatment, you receive a guest pass with your first name in large letters that you clip on while you are on the hospital campus. They also have colored paper “dots” that you can put on your pass and then write the number of treatments that you have taken. There are only three colors, one color for the first three weeks, another for the middle three, and a third for the last three. I start using the third color after today’s treatment! You may wonder why this is important, but, the first question after you learn a man’s name is, “How many treatments have you had?” The conversation then moves to, “What were your numbers?” (PSA and Gleason) And then to, “Have you had any side effects?” So you can see that the color of the dot and the number (just like blousing your trousers above your boots in boot camp) tells people a lot of the information of particular interest to them!Today our schedule was considerably different. Fridays are “graduation” days. Many men receive their last treatment on Friday. Instead of starting the day with a treatment, I was scheduled for a 12:15 PM treatment. The person normally scheduled for 12:15 was “graduating” today and desired an earlier treatment time so he could get started home early. I was happy to change times with him, I know that someone would do the same for me.

Since I did not have a 6:45 AM treatment, our day started a little later than usual (I still woke up at 5:45 AM but I was able to go back to sleep for about an hour.) Praise the Lord for a little extra rest.

Later in the morning I received a phone call from a pastor in South Carolina that was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Friday. He had received my name and number from another pastor who is a friend of Wes Cantrell. We visited for a time and I was able to review some of my research on prostate cancer with him and give him a first-hand account of what it was like to be here at Loma Linda University Medical Center as an outpatient in the Proton Radiation Treatment Department. I am thankful the Lord gave me this opportunity and I am happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about what is available here and what it is like to receive proton radiation for prostate cancer.

After my treatment we drove down to Irvine and met with the Lozano family that have a non-profit organization call LifeLegacy. They are originally from the Philippines. LifeLegacy does financial planning seminars (they don’t “sell” any financial products) and Character First! Seminars. They have been doing this about a year and wanted to review where they were and if they were on track and moving in the right direction. Kay and I spent about five hours with them and I think they were encouraged and the Lord provided them with some additional direction. They have one 17 year old son who also participated in the meeting.

Saturday Ken and Mary Jo Patterson arrive from Atlanta. We will pick them up at the Orange County Airport about 10:45 AM. They are dear friends of about 20 years (we were in ATI together) and we are excited to see them and spend a few days with them.

Now for a commercial. :-) Kay and I are reading “Your God Is Too Safe” by Mark Buchanan. It is a wonderful book with a fresh perspective on our relationship with God. Mark Buchanan is also one of the most descriptive writers I have ever read! I think you would both enjoy and be encouraged by reading it.

Our thoughts and our prayers are continually about you and we pray God’s continued blessing on each of you and your families.

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