Day 28

I cannot believe that I received my 28th treatment this morning! And, I can hardly believe that I have not blogged since Day 25! This has been an incredible week! We have had a LOT of fun!

David, David, Jr., and Lauren arrived last Monday at 1 PM. We enjoyed each others company Monday evening and then it was off to the races Tuesday! :-)

David went with me to my treatment Tuesday morning. They allowed him to come in Gantry 3 with me and he saw all the preparation and received a short explanation of the equipment and the procedure. I think that he was duly impressed with the care and the accuracy of the proton team!

David then left for Bakersfield to work with our distributor, Jess Ring.

David, Jr., Laren, Kay, and I left for Disneyland! We arrived about 11 AM and stayed until 9 PM. It is the 50th Anniversity of Disneyland and Kay was there 50 years ago during the year it opened! We have been there a couple of times since then with some of our children and it is as fun as it ever was! We had a GREAT time!

We enjoyed it all and here are a couple of highlights.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Buzz Lightyear says, “Hello!” to David and Lauren.

Wednesday we went to Palm Springs and took the tram up San Jacinto Mountan and had a picnic lunch on the observation deck. David and Lauren especially liked the tram ride!

After the tram ride, we returned to the apartment to meet David, Sr. when he returned from Bakersfield. Then to Irvine to have dinner with the Greenes and meet their rats.

That’s right, RATS, two of them! David and Lauren were very brave and let them craw all over them .:-)

Thursday (today) it was off to the airport and they left for OKC. We had a great time and we will miss them! :-(

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