Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! The word that best describes it may be, “Whew!” Really it was a wonderful weekend, and we were able to do everything that we had planned on and more! I received my 20th treatment on Friday morning. At 12 Noon we were on our way to the Ontario Airport and off to Oklahoma City via Denver. We arrived in OKC on time at 9:09 PM. We went grocery shopping, and then Karen and Troop came by to say, “Hello!” Then we had a good nights rest in our own bed, which was wonderful! On Saturday morning we went to Troop’s and Karen’s to help get the children ready for Hannah Beth Bullard’s wedding. Two of the little girls were in the wedding. A quick bite of lunch, and then to the wedding (which was beautiful and very unusual) and the reception. Afterwards we had dinner at Johnnie’s with the Thomas Hills and the Bullards. Sunday morning to church at First Southern to see Scout Bullard (our youngest grandchild) dedicated and then to Western Hills Church. After church we had lunch with the elders and their wives. Dinner Sunday night with Kay’s dad and the David Hills. Monday about 10:00 AM we went to the farm and ALL our children, grandchildren, our parents, my brother, and some friends (33 in all) came out for lunch, an afternoon of fishing, four-wheeling, playing, and dinner. Then home to pack and get ready to leave for CA. Monday, up and to the airport. We arrived at the Ontaio, CA Airport at 1:00 PM, and participated in a conference call with Retired Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak. He is a great advocate of Christian character and we have invited him to speak at the International Association of Character Cities Conference at Oklahoma City in September. He seems to be open and desirous of doing this if his schedule permits. Back to the apartment, shopping for some groceries, fix and eat dinner, and then to LLUMC for my 21st treatment. See what I mean? Whew!

The Bullard Family at the wedding of Hannah Beth and Derrick Garber.

The dedication of Scout Bullard to the Lord.

Scout’s immediate family

Enjoying lunch with the grandchildren!

We are so grateful to our children, grandchildren, and everyone else that made this weekend possible. We were able to see and spend some time with all the family! What a blessing!

The Lord is good!

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