Day 19

I have always heard that “perception was reality.” My perception was that I would complete my treatments on July 11th unless I could get double treatments for one day and leave on the 8th. I have even talked to the doctors about getting five double treatments to try to leave a week early, on July 1st. They weren’t too keen on that! Every plan we have made for our time here was predicated on the perception that I would finish on July 11th if I didn’t do something about it. I planned my day and lived my life based on that perception.

Yesterday, a friend here who started the same day I did said he had checked and he thought we would be finished on July 1st. I didn’t believe him. I had run the numbers, I had done the research, and I would finish on the 11th. That was my belief and my perception.

I was wrong. Barring any unforseen events, I do finish on July 1st.

Life is like that. We have met some people here that have a perception about God that is different than what God has said about himself in the Bible. They live their life based on that perception of who God is. They have done their research, they have run the numbers, and they are sure that they are right! They are making plans and living their life here on earth based on their perception of who God is. They have staked their eternal life on that perception. Their perception is their reality.

But they are wrong, dead wrong, and potentially eternally wrong!

Our perception may be our reality, but our perception doesn’t change reality. Just because we think God is some way doesn’t make Him that. He is who He is, regardless of our perception. And we better find out who He is from His Word about Himself. The Bible.

The stakes are much higher than what happens tomorrow. The stakes are eternal! The stakes are, where will you spend eternity? My prayer is that if you don’t know the true God of the Bible, or if you know someone that doesn’t know the true God; if you or someone you know is living their life with the wrong perception; my prayer is that you would each come to know Him in all His glory!

If you would let me, I would love to visit with you about the true God of all eternity!

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