Day 18

Today is a wonderful day! I started early with my treatment and then came home to get my emails and work on my computer. Well, my computer was asleep and wouldn’t wake up! After consulting with the Mac expert at Kimray (my brother Richard), I was on the phone with the Apple service center in Costa Mesa, CA. After 25 minutes on hold and 20 minutes giving the service technician information about me and the computer (most of the computer questions I did not have answers to) and 20 minutes trying various “fixes,” the service technician transferred me to a “product specialist.” After trying a few of his suggestions, without success, he said, “I have never seen this problem before.” He did try one more thing though and it worked! So, I am now back on-line and dealing with emails and other work.

Now why did I tell you all this? Because trials are a fact of life. Little ones (computers that don’t work) are sometimes more frustrating than big ones (cancer). Not because they are more important, but because for some reason I feel I have some control over what I am doing about the cancer, and NONE over computers! :-)

And then reality sets in. I have no control over anything that happens! God is in control. It is not about me, it is about God! I only have control over my response to what happens. That is what the Christian walk is all about; learning to respond in a Christlike manner regardless of what happens. Well, I failed today! Lord help me tomorrow, because I know that life is full of little and big trials and more trials will come tomorrow.

You want to know another thing that puts things in perspective? (I’m glad you said, “Yes!”) It is seeing my children, now grown, and my grandchildren, now growing, and knowing that how I respond has an impact on them! My life, my character, is important to them and to their future.

Consider the little girl in the picture below. Scout Bullard is our youngest grandchild. What grandparent would not want to give their grandchild every advantage to be successful, in a Godly way, in their life? I don’t want to live a life that hinders her (or any of my 19 grandchildren for that matter.) Lord, I pray that you would complete the good work that you have started in me! Philippians 1:6

Scout Bullard at 6 months

PS: All 19 grandchildren are just as beautiful (see the sidebar picture). That is not our doing, they are God’s creation and all God’s creation is beautiful in His eyes, regardless of our prejudices! Our prayer is that they are always as beautiful on the inside as God created them on the outside!

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