My intention is to just have one posting on weekends. It would cover events during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We had several things on the agenda this weekend.

Friday AM we had brunch with Gordon and Carrie Taylor in Diamond Bar, CA. We had a wonderful visit and would like to see them again before we leave.

Gordon and Carrie Taylor.

Saturday AM we walked 4 miles in the morning before it got too hot! It is up and down hills, Thomas you would be proud of us! I think that the mountain view was as clear as it has ever been when we started but within an hour, the yellow haze was back. It remained clearer than usual though!

Saturday night we went to the San Bernandino Symphony. They give free tickets to cancer patients and their caregivers at LLUMC so we took advantage of that. The Music Director and Conductor is Carlo Ponti, Jr., Sophia Loren’s son and the word is that she frequently attends the symphony with her entourage. This was the last performance of the 76th season but she did not show up. Mr. Ponti and the orchestra was wonderful. We were not familiar with the selections but enjoyed the variety. The orchestra plays in a very old vauldville theater that is unbelievably ornate, but obviously very old and in need of some restoration. Still beautiful though! Dusty, I understand that it has a beautiful, old, vaudeville organ but we didn’t hear it play.

The California Theater in San Bernandino
We were in the balcony, but great seats!

Sunday we went to church with Martha Greene at Voyagers in Irvine and then to lunch at Mimi’s. I thought that was Martha’s favorite place but I am beginning to think it is Kay’s! (More so than The Checkerboard Cafe Lars! :-) Unfortunately Fred was in bed with a severe back problem, Lindsay was sick, and Allison plays in a praise group at another church so it was just the three of us. We have really enjoyed being close to Kay’s sister and her family, I just hope we don’t wear out our welcome!

We had another goal this weekend; to catch up on emails and sleep and then hit the ground running Monday morning! The emails are finished (well almost) and the sleep, … well, … maybe tonight. :-)

I know that MANY of you are praying for us daily and that is truly a blessing to us! Thank you!

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