Day 13

Tom McCormick went with me this morning to LLUMC for my treatment. He was able to go into Gantry 3 with me and get an explanation from Renato about what was happening. I thought it might be interesting for you to get his perspective on things.

I accompanied Tom to his treatment this morning. I met several other patients and they all speak highly of the Loma Linda Hospital and the proton treatment. The one characteristic I most noticed is something I didn’t see or hear. The patients are not anxious about the treatment. The proton therapy does not make the patient sick. The other thing I noticed is the camaraderie of the men. They are in a club. They tell how glad they are to be here and not like their friend back home who is having a tough time with the conventional treatment.

Renato, the technician who gave the treatment, gave me the tour. I saw the first part of a treatment where they align the patient on the “bed.” I saw part of the atom splitter and the final guide magnets. What a good Hospital. Tom is in good hands here.

Tom and Betty left for OK at 2:30 PM today. We are so glad that they came to visit, we had a great time. If anyone else wants to come to CA and spend a few days we would love to have you. You know they say that it takes less faith to live in CA than in other places like OK. In CA you can see the air you breath! In any case, it is beautiful here, and we would love to have you.

God bless you.

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