Day 12

12/44 and I am grateful to be here and alive and able to praise and worship the Lord one more day!

After my treatment this morning we jogged three miles and returned to the apartment for a conference call with Itzel Cabrera and the head of transportation for Mexico City. He wants to begin Character First! with ALL transportation employees in the largest city in the world! Pray that those in authority would make the right decision!

We then had brunch and left for Palm Springs. Our mission? To reach the top of San Jacinta Mountain, approximately 10,500 feet, and return before sundown. We have climbed the mountains behind the apartments several times to get in shape! It has been a rigorous schedule to prepare. Could we do it?

We did it! Fortunately they have a tram that travels to the top in 15 minutes!

After a wonderful afternoon in the San Jacinta National Forrest, we had dinner at The Blue Coyote Mexican Grill, wonderful food!

Pictures follow.

The tram will hold 88 people!

What an engineering feat!!

Passing at 6000 feet!

Dinner at The Blue Coyote with Tom and Betty.

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